Monday, May 31, 2010

Richmond Squirrels

We have been to two Squirrels games in this weekend.  One was a date(really nice!) and the other was with the boys, Nana, and Max(also nice!).  We went to Buzz and Ned's BBQ for dinner.  Sitting outside to eat dinner at picnic tables, a baseball game, a pool party today, and ice cream after is really starting to feel like summer.  Here are a few photos from our fun Memorial Day weekend! 

Quick funny story first.  So, Danny and Josh were both very distraught when Nana and Max decided to make their departure for MD from the park.  We are in the car and Danny is trying to keep them around as long as possible.  The windows are up and Daddy has shut the door to drive off and Danny starts yelling "But Nana, But Nana!", which of course was implying he had something to tell her.  Funny thing is the words came out too fast and slurred and to us it sounded like "Banana, Banana!"  That fruity Grandma of ours.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My child talks....alot.

It is not normal....but it is really wonderful.
I like to celebrate his independence and freedom to express himself.  And his intelligence.  He really is one smart cookie.  I want him to feel able to speak up and share.  I like that he is willing to ask questions.  He has a quest for knowledge and information that is admirable.
But sometimes I need a break.
When you are watching a Braves and you can count your child ask 35 questions in under 10 minutes, you might understand(seriously, I counted!)
Kid, mommy needs a break from the questions.
Today in the post office line, Danny learned the names and reason for being in line of every person there.  And believe me, I did not start any of the conversations.  I know I have a reputation for being a bit of a talker....ok, ok, so I do talk alot too.  But Danny is in a league way beyond me.
The other day in Walmart Danny told a very very old man that he "looked old".  (where can I hide in a situation like that?)  Fortunately, this old man happened to be willing to play along.  He looked Danny straight in the eyes and said in a gruff voice, "well, I AM old!"
I feel like we walk a fine line between being full of wonder and being a little beyond our years(maybe even rude?).  I was encouraged today when one of the post office customers from today stopped me outside and encouraged me to keep "feeding the wonder and questioning".  He was adamant that I continue to encourage Danny that his questions are ok and his fearlessness is an important life skill. 
Thank you sir.  I needed to hear that today.
I love how this captures them in a moment reading, not even noticing mommy lurking with the camera!  Check out that quest for knowledge...