Saturday, April 26, 2008

Joshua Hayes Gaskill

Josh made his arrival late on Friday, April 25. He weighed 8lb, 13oz and was 20.75 inches long. This morning, Nana brought Danny to the hospital to meet him for the first time. Here are a couple of videos.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trying to be patient

Baby we are 4cm and just waiting. I should be more patient and should be enjoying this time, but patience is apparently not my strongest skill. Danny has been in Atlanta for the past week with Nana, Max, and Grandmommy. It is really strange to have a week without a 20 month old to take care of....I guess you could say I am a little bored! We have enjoyed having dinner out with out entertaining Danny, but now it is time. Even though we are only just approaching 39 weeks, we will be attempting to bring on labor at this Tuesday's appt. I will spare you the details, but our doctor has things that she can do that usually get labor started. And since he is already a 8-9 lb baby, even the doctor supports this early labor! So, hopefully we can introduce you to our little boy soon!

We miss our sweet Danny, but here he is having a blast at Nana and Max's house! What a big boy....he loves to eat with a spoon and does a pretty good job with feeding himself!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it time?

Every women who has had a baby will relate to the anticipation over the arrival of a newborn. I have gone crazy reading stuff on the Internet and in books about whether or not we are really in labor yet. But we had some interesting developments this week. At our appt. we found out that we were 3 cm and 50% and with the onset of light contractions, we believed we might be having a baby sooner rather than later. Last night I was having very small, but regular contractions and they continued this morning. My instincts said that we aren't ready, but my husband encouraged me to call and just talk to the doctor. They wanted us to come in this morning and I am so glad we did. In the past two days, this baby has decided that he would rather snuggle in mommy than come out(I must make a cozy home!). He flipped his way to a transverse lie(sideways) which is impossible to have a vaginal deliver from. Breach would be OK, but transverse is more complicated and carries with it some more potential complications. We did an ultrasound and at 37 weeks we are probably already 8lbs at least. BIG BOY!! Our next step is to meet with the doctor tomorrow and most likely go to L&D for a procedure to try and flip him back down. This can be a painful process and can bring distress to the baby, so we will be hooked up the ultrasound and monitors. There is no guarantee he will stay flipped if they are able to do it. Most likely we will either flip and engage in labor(they think I would be 4-5cm already if the head was down and helping in the labor process) or have a planned c-section next week.
We would love your prayers since this is more complicated than we had previously hoped.
But we realize it was truly a blessing that I went in today. If anything, it made them aware of the situation before I go into active labor. After active labor, it would be more complicated to discover this and have to have an unplanned c-section. My family votes for flipping this baby and inducing asap, since we know he is big and we are already full term. But we want to do what is best for this little guy!
Another blessing is that my parents are headed to Richmond right now and will be here in an hour. I didn't want to keep asking our neighbors to babysit and it will help us relax and make the best decision for our son tomorrow. I feel a little guilty if they come and nothing happens, but they felt like it was best to come also! I love it when they are here....and so does Danny! It is like having a nanny!! They are wonderful with their grandson and always helpful around the house! So, I am off to put my feet up and watch the newest episode of The Office and Scrubs!

update: There is no baby yet, but what a blessing today. The newest Gaskill decide to flip himself around into the correct position when we got to the doctor. No need for a painful procedure or a c-section. Our doctor will do elective induction at 39 weeks, so if labor doesn't start back up(labor had possibly started) then we will have a baby in two weeks.
What a blessing! Thank you for your prayers!
But thank you for continued prayers since we are still an "unstable lie" and could have more complications when labor starts.
I had some Eggplant Parmesan tonight and even walked to and from the restaurant(it is less than a mile from our house and there are sidewalks!), so we will see if that gets things going again!
We will keep you posted!