Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have to vent....for those of you who have ever sat on hold waiting for customer service help or dealt with a long intricate pattern of automated number pushing to get to speak to a representative, you will relate to this! I have spent three days listening to the same 15 second cycle of lovely music waiting to speak to someone at the City of Richmond utilities. I am trying to confirm that we will have gas service in our house next week when we move in. That waiting was after pushing lots of numbers to finally get to the correct line to wait. And this continued for about 20 minutes each day until I wanted to scream. Finally, on the third day I tried a different tactic of just talking to anyone that would listen as I racked up my list of complaints(very nicely of course) such as the fact that this was a long distance call and I have a one year old, therefore I am limited in number of minutes I can spend waiting on the telephone. When I finally got through to the correct person, I know she must have thought I was nuts for cheering a little. She actually did laugh, b/c I said something to the effect "Yeah, I get to talk to someone!!!". She did put me on hold to call my agent and confirm my closing, but I think the promise of her returning gave me hope through enduring a few more minutes of bad music. And you can bet I wasn't going to lose her...when she came back and said she couldn't get an answer from my agent, I was very persistent that I needed to stay on the line and let her try again! And sure enough it worked....We have gas! Not something I usually put an exclimation point after, but in this case, it is fitting. Scott's answer to my problem was (you must use a sarcastic voice while reading this) "What, the government is not very efficient? nooooo!" HA!
So, the moral of the story is....If you can't get through, try, try again. And if that doesn't work, tears might!

btw: I need to brag on another customer service that I have always been pleased with and that is my friends at USAA. They are wonderfull and are always helpful. I give them an A+ for efficiancy and effort! Richmond Government gets a failling grade(but this doesn't change my budding love for Virginia and our new city in general)! High scores in plenty of other areas!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Silly Paw-paw

Growing up, I used to have fond memories of dressing up our dogs(these aren't little dogs btw....but 60 lbs Golden Retrievers) and making them look silly. Old t-shirts, skirts, hats, sunglasses, anything we could find that would make them look silly and then sit and laugh at how they looked like furry people. I know that must sound like torture, but I promise they had fun...really....or at least they were very forgiving. Well, Scott has a strong "no dress up" policy for our dog Pollack and I know that P-man is silently thankful for his Daddy protecting him. But I guess since Daddy is away, rules are being broken....I think he looks a little mad in this photo. But he is ready for the cold weather in Richmond! Needless to say, any torture that Pollack experiences at the hands of his mommy or little brother who likes to chase him around with a wooden spoon is made up for in toddler meals spilled that he gets to enjoy. A baby has brought about a whole new world of fascinating smells and tastes that he has never experienced. And soon to be times two....And don't worry Danny really loves his "silly paw-paw" and gives him kisses and hugs in addition to the occasional hitting with the spoon.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our New House!

This is the house that we will be closing on at the beginning of February! I love it and can't wait to fill it with our stuff. It has a terrific red door, which I have always thought looks so welcoming on homes. The backyard is fenced in which is a must for Pollack, our Golden Retriever, and it actually has a two car garage. We were shocked to find out that garages are a rarity in Richmond.....even with the cold mornings that we are experiencing there! And look at that I can't wait to get there!

(added 02-01-08) also check out our other site: for more pics!

Saturday, January 12, 2008 beginnings

Well, I am entering the world of blogging. Actually, this is a fitting activity for me to fill my time(as if we aren't busy enough). As I think through my typical story telling it usually consists of too many details(according to my husband) and blogging seems to be a perfect outlet for my desire to give the "whole story"
....To whomever will read it.
So, as our family begins a new chapter in Virginia, I will start a new chapter online. We are leaving the comforts of familiar landscapes, roads we know how to navigate, and very close babysitters for a new place where we know practically nobody. But I am encouraged as I have already seen us grow as a family. Most of all, new unknowns leave us grasping for stability and that desire has been fullfilled in a strengthened faith in God's perfect plan for our lives. When I realized that I was going somewhere that I couldn't fall back into my rut of complacency, I had to look to Christ to be my comfort and my stronghold.
We had become too lazy in Atlanta. I don't mean to sound unappreciative of the wonderful things ATL has to offer. It is a fabulous city and we have loved making it home for the past 5 years as a couple. For Scott, it has been home since he saw the world for the first time at Peidmont Hospital. I have lived in Atlanta since I was in the fourth grade(other than my time in B'ham for college), so it is also home to me. Our family is there. And that makes it a place I will always hold dear to my heart. Our church home has been a place of growth and we have developed some wonderful lasting friendships in Georgia. But there comes a time in every couple's life where they must make some choices that are best for their family. Hard choices, but as we have been advised by many couples we admire.....choices that turn out to be the best thing they ever did. So all that said, we come!