Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow, he's one!

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to Joshie,

Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We are fascinated with names lately. When people ask Danny his name, he replies "DanielRobertGaskill" People are usually surprised. I guess they don't expect so many words to come out of this little boy. And they think he is at least four years old with his vast vocabulary...yes. He does talk alot. (I answer that question multiple times a week!)
Today he has started calling me Momma. cute. And definitely lifting my spirits on an otherwise gloomy day. It is pouring rain(yeah for the grass and new blueberry bush!) and we just got back from a visit to the doctor. Poor Joshie has an ear infection that has kept him and his parents up most of the night. My family will agree that mommy is one of those people that function much better on at least 7 hours of sleep. Translation: No sleep = grouchy mommy. And on top of all that we are missing our favorite activity of the week: Playgroup! Sad. So to hear a little boy call out momma and want to snuggle just warms a heart. Sometimes I'm Mommy. Sometimes I'm Mom. Sometimes I'm Anne(we have to quickly correct that one!) He is also interested in stranger's names. He keeps asking them their name until they tell their full name. Danny is not shy.
Now, as promised, some photos from our trip to Maryland. We had fun at the Boyd Bear Factory, shopping, playing, going to Nana and Max's church, hiding and finding sports eggs, coloring eggs, baking cookies, hunting eggs at the Giant, etc. Scott and I even went on a "day-long" date to D.C. It is always nice visiting Nana and Max!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

What a joy it has been to celebrate holidays and important times in our faith with a little boy. Repeatedly telling the truth of the bible has been a blessing as we are reminded of why we have these holidays. Christmas was so joyful and Easter has also been special. I love the fact that Danny really gets it. He had us cracking up as he waved a palm he made at church and yelled "Jesus is King" to our neighbors. Maybe we have a future missionary? The neighbor girls looked at him with curious faces. Oh, by the way....they are Jewish. Not so much believing the whole Jesus thing. Fortunately, we have a very open conversation about faith with them and they respect and appreciate our differences. Looking forward to the Backyard Bible Club this summer!
Here are some favorite photos from Sunday....

I think this shows how hard it is to catch them sitting nice....And it is funny b/c Josh is yelling and being loud.

Here is some brother love!!

If only I had taken away the ball before this photo.

Our fam!

Coming up soon: Pictures from our trip to Nana and Max's house!

Friday, April 3, 2009

snow day

Our little snow baby!

So, it was like a month ago, but we did get some photos of the "big snow storm"! Pollack loved it, Danny loved it, and Josh was cold. School was canceled for three full days and one half day. Despite the fact that we live 8 hours north of Atlanta, Richmond is not ready for huge doses of cold icy wetness anymore than our former home. It was a nice break from the busyness, but we are ready for the WARM BREEZY SPRING that Richmond is known for! I love the seasons here!

Joshie is checking out the snow and waiting!

Yeah...that's about 6-7 inches. Pollack is loving it!

We had some trouble opening the door!

Happy dog with a stick in the snow.

I found these boots for about $4 at the thrift store. love it!