Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In response to a friend's post

20 things I will never...

20. Bungee jump...no thank you
19. Use a portapotty unless I absolutely positively have no other option. I don't like dark small spaces.
18. Move to some place REALLY cold.
17. Stop loving Mexican food
16. Lose my love of traveling
15. Not think my son's play time is fun....he comes up with the best games to play by himself while I watch
14. Like the smell of a poopy diaper
13. Stop enjoying diaper changing(despite #14) b/c it is such a sweet time of one-on-one and I have my children's full attention!
12. Choose to be inside on a beautiful day(I am typing outside right now!)
11. Stop loving my family
10. Drive a Hummer or unnecessarily large car
9. Enjoy folding clothes
8. Enjoy putting away dishes
7. Stop loving ice cream
6. Understand why God chooses to love us....I know he does love us despite our actions, but it seems so unbelievable. Amazing love!
5. Stop trying to protect my children
4. Eat sushi....I know people like it, but I just can't do it
3. Sky dive(I am stealing that one from Greta, but I strongly agree)
2. Do anything illegal for money
1. Stop loving my job as mommy and wife!

That was my list of "I will never..." It was fun to write, but I still stand by the theory that sometimes we end up doing things we said we would never. Often God calls us where we least expect.....but hopefully my calling will not involve sky diving or giving up ice cream!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day at the Beach

This Saturday, our family took our first trip to Virginia Beach since we have moved to Richmond! It is a quick two hour drive away....definitely worth the travel time, because we had so much fun. We plan on making this a more regular trip in the future. But things sure have changed since we had children. Our last trip to VA Beach was pre-Danny and it is amazing how much STUFF it now takes to have a day of fun in the sun. Towels, tents, diapers, wipes, bottle waters, camera, two strollers, blankets, swimsuits, change of clothes, hats, lotion, and the list goes on! One reason we are required to bring so much junk is to make sure that our boys don't get too hot or in Josh's case, exposed to the sun. But it was a beautiful day with a wonderful breeze to keep Josh cool. He napped in the shade, while his brother had a blast. Some favorite activities included: eating shrimp and fries(with ketchup!)at a beach bar and grill, listening to cover bands play some music at the festival on the boardwalk, playing at the playground on the beach, throwing the sand, throwing the ball, running on the boardwalk, finding lady bugs(they were everywhere!), eating lunch in our tent, and playing with bubbles. Least favorite activity....going near the water. Apparently he did not want to put his toes in the ocean, despite the fact that he talked about the water and toes lots on the way home. Danny is at such a fun age for exploring new places! Hope you enjoy these pictures from our day...check out the whole album at our smugmug site....gaskills.smugmug.com

Josh is such a trooper.....he sleeps anywhere!

Danny and Daddy playing at the beach

Mommy and her boys!


We loved the bubbles!

Worn out! The beach is tough...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Two weeks later

So, our little Joshua is now getting bigger already! He has already gained a whole pound since he was born. He is now 9 lbs. 13 oz....our doctor said that by this two week mark he likes to see them back at their birth weight. Apparently we have no problems eating! And this is also another blessing in that we don't have to torture him anymore at night trying to wake him up for feeding time. We are really blessed with the two sweetest boys! Both Danny and Josh have so far been realitively easy going babies(so are we in for it with #3?...that is if we decide to have another!) Danny is the best big brother and has only shown a little irritation when he wants Josh "OUT" of his crib or swing, so that he can give him kisses. Isn't Josh lucky to have such a loving big brother? Here are some photos from the past two weeks! Enjoy!

Family Photo!

Eyes open

Waking up happy as usual

So sweet!

That's my brother...isn't he cute?

My first milkshake!

We love our backyard!