Saturday, August 14, 2010

updated with evidence: Covered, Diced, and Capped

Danny asked for me to make breakfast for dinner the other day. I decided I could do better than breakfast at our house. Time for the boys to try lunch at the waffle house!
We had my favorite cheese eggs with grits(and raisin toast, of course) plus a waffle and an order of hash browns. Danny was pretty impressed at how fast our food came out. And they both were wishing I had ordered more food than that. Both boys seemed surprised that their mommy had once worked at this kind of restaurant.
(Here's a photo if you didn't believe me!  My summer trip with Campus Outreach.  I have some stories to tell.)
The best part was when I stuck a quarter in the jukebox and found a Hank Williams Jr song called Family Traditions. Our waitress started humming the tune and Danny yelled out for the whole store to hear "Mommy, we love this song!"
Maybe I need to think more about my music choices in the car?
nah...he has good tastes.
And he fits right in at the waffle house!


MLS said...

You're such a fun Mom!! Love this story!

nana said...

You need to post a pic of when you worked at Waffle House....and explain the circumstances!
Thanks for blogging again!!!!!!

Mrs. Gaskill Rascal said...

you'll have to send me a what are you saying? that I need to explain the circumstances, b/c there's no way anyone would believe I would work there?

The Gaymons said...

I don't believe it! Prove it, Sister Gaskill. =)

nana said...

Love the pic....thanks for posting it. :-)

Lauren said...

yum. i am totally a WaHo kid.