Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I wish my dog could talk...

I just finished watching UP with my kids on this rainy, stay inside kind of day.  Before we began, I wondered if I was making a bad choice with the PG rating and intense moments throughout the movie. I was even more hesitant about my choice when I had tears streaming down my face in the first 10 minutes and I had to explain to my very sensitive 5 year old why mommy is crying. 
Not that crying is unusual or abnormal for their mother. 
It's the pregnancy hormones. 
I swear.
Except, what is my excuse for being quick to cry for the other 28 years of my life that have not involved me being with child?  I am a little on the weepy side when it comes to matters of the heart.  And I am especially sensitive to anything involving growing old, grown men showing pain, and heart wrenching musical interludes....ok, so UP is probably not the best movie choice for me. 
Fortunately, we survived the movie and the boys went on to play and leave their mascara stained mom to go play in the playroom.  They are pretty resilient, unlike me. 
Then enters our dog in the room with his best "mommy, please play with me, love me, give me attention" expression.  He probably just wanted to eat, but I like to think it was affection for his master.
It got me thinking about what a cool invention it would be for dog's to have a voice box, just like Dug in UP.  I get that it is just a movie and not a possible scenario, but think of the possibilities.  All that affection and unconditional love able to be expressed through a voice?  To know what is behind those longing and soulful eyes of my furry best friend? (feed me, feed me, feed me?)
I feel bad that we often pretend to talk for our dog and it is in a voice that is not very flattering.  We love our sweet Pollack, but we don't think he is the smartest puppy. 
He is faithful, loving, and wonderful with our kids, but he eats poo. 
Poo-eating seems to qualify him for a lower IQ than his non-poo eating peers. 
But I really would love to hear what he has to say.  Not so much about the poo eating, but all the other general observations from his point of view.
I also love that he has been more aware of me lately.  He is following me around more often and more attentive to my needs.  I often wonder if he can sense my increasing needs and is trying to care for his pack.  He was such a good dog with the first two boys.  I felt like he immediately looked at them as a new part of our clan and wanted to protect and care for them.  Maybe it was just his love for the taste of baby spit-up, but he was always around, always protecting.(Seriously? Poo eating? Spit-up licking? Our dog has issues)  But I am ever thankful for a dog that we completely trust around our kids.
And I wonder what he thinks about all of us?
If only we could get a doggy voice box....

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Nana said...

Pollack is just like his dad, Montana. The most lovable and sensitive of dogs, but only possessing a pea brain. One thing for sure....he loves his family! Keep writing, Anne...your stories make me smile.